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Colorwork Apps is a small, U.S.-based app development company focused on building Android and iOS apps to improve the lives of our users. Our apps have been downloaded over 1 million times. We are grateful for the support of our users and welcome feedback on any of our apps. Please check out our apps!

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Knitting Buddy

Knitting and Crochet Buddy (Knitting Buddy) is an all-in-one knitting and crochet project tracker that allows you to track multiple knitting or crochet projects. Knitting Buddy has a row counter, repeat counter, project timer, notes pages, ruler, a flashlight, and it even displays your knitting pattern on the row counter page (great for lace)! This app was originally developed for knitting, but those who crochet will also find it quite useful.

Knitting Buddy isn't your standard knitting row counter -- it is a true knitting and crochet project tracker. Here are more details about the features of Knitting Buddy:

MULTIPLE PROJECT SUPPORT: No limit to the number of knitting or crochet projects that you can track. Each project has individualized settings.

ROW COUNTER: Track the current row of your knitting or crochet project. The row numbers are displayed nice and big on the main page. Increase (or decrease) the row number by pushing on an actual "button" on a knit background.

REPEAT COUNTER: Track the current repeat row, and optionally link the repeat counter to the row counter. You can specify the number of repeat rows on the project settings page.

DISPLAY PATTERN: Take a screen shot of your knitting pattern and display it on the main project page. This feature is super handy as it eliminates the need to switch between applications or to carry a paper copy of your pattern.

NEEDLE TRACKER / LOG: Track all of your knitting needles. The log displays US, metric, and UK sizes, and allows you to track needle length, material, type, and whether or not the needle is in use.

PROJECT TIMER: Ever wonder how long it actually takes to complete a knitting or crochet project? Use the project timer to track the time it takes to complete each project. Each project has an individual timer that must be manually started/stopped.

RULER: Tired of carrying a separate ruler for to check your tension? Use the ruler feature to make sure that your tension is just right.

NOTES PAGE: Track all of the project's notes, such as yarn, yarn weight, needles, gauge, and other notes. Please email the developer if you have additional items that you would like to track!

GLOBAL and PROJECT SETTINGS: Completely customize your Knitting Buddy experience. The screen can be tailored to according to your preferences, such as showing or hiding features such as repeat rows, knitting pattern, project timer, and project progress.

TRACK PROGRESS: Set the total number of rows for your knitting project, and Knitting Buddy will track your percent complete.

ADD IMAGES / PHOTOGRAPHS: Take pictures of your project at various phases to remember what the project looked like at various stages. Add notes about each image and view the images directly from the app. You can also add screenshots of your patterns that can be viewed from the project page.

FLASHLIGHT: Turn your devices camera into a flashlight to help find difficult stitches.

PRO SUBSCRIPTION: Remove all of the ads from the application and allows you to change the style of your project theme.

CHANGE PROJECT THEME: Change between the standard buttons and more colorful flowers, hearts, and shamrocks.

KNITTING NEEDLE AND CROCHET HOOK SIZE CHARTS: Convert needle sizes between metric, U.S. sizes, and U.K. sizes and crochet hooks between metric, numeric, and letter.

ABBREVIATIONS: Look up abbreviations commonly used in knitting and crochet patterns.

YARN CHARTS: Helpful data to convert different sizes of yarn.

SOCK CHARTS: Common foot sixes for men, women, and children!

Knitting Buddy is now on Ravelry - become one of Knitting Buddy's Buddies at:

Knitting Buddy is now on the web at

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Pick-A-Color Night Light

Night Light (Pick-A-Color Night Light) is an easy-to-use night light and sound machine. In three simple steps, you can turn on your night light and add a little safety, security, and comfort to any room. Here's what to do:

Step 1 - Choose Your Night Light Color: Use the color picker to select your favorite night time color. The color picker allows you to select every possible color!

Step 2 - Choose Your Sound: Pick-A-Color Night Light's sound machine has six HD sound loops, including plain white noise, rain, storm, waves crashing, crickets chirping, and a heartbeat.

Step 3 - Start the Night Light: It's as easy as pushing a button.

Settings: Pick-A-Color Night Light has multiple settings that you can customize:

- Show a digital clock on the night light screen

- Show an analog clock on the night light screen

- Screen Saver Mode: Turn off the night light after a user-specified time

- Sound Saver Mode: Turn off the white noise sound machine after a user-specified time

Pick-A-Color Night Light is ideal for everyone from children to adults. See the screen shots below for ways to light up your baby's nursery, or turn your bedside table into an elegant light display. Leave the night light on in the bathroom or hallway to ensure that you can see without fully waking yourself up at night time. Check out the screen shots that show what the night light looks like if you fold a piece of paper and put it over the device -- it looks really neat!

For best results, turn your device to maximum brightness and keep your device plugged in. This night light has a "wakelock" feature that keeps your phone on through the night, but the light will drain your battery if it isn't plugged in.

Pick-A-Color Night Light has been translated into several languages. Contact the developer if you'd like the nightlight translated into your language!

Email the developer if you have suggestions for additional sounds or other improvements for Pick-A-Color Night Light.

Why pay money for a nightlight when you can use this nightlight for FREE? This nightlight app is ad supported. Upgrade to Night Light PRO to remove advertisements.

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Color Flashlight

Color Flashlight has various modes that turn your device into a color flashlight, strobe light, LED banner, light box, or night light. Turn your phones LED Flash into a flashlight, or use your phone screen as a color flashlight with many cool effects.

Color Flashlight helps you when you are:

- Stuck in the dark without a light

- Sleeping in need of a night light

- In a dark place trying to get a friend’s attention

- Walking down a dark street

- Dancing in a club

Color Flashlight has two modes:


On devices that have a camera flash, Color Flashlight turns your phones camera flash into an LED flashlight.


On all devices, Color Flashlight turns your screen into a colorful flashlight. Use the colorpicker to pick two colors that are used to light up your screen.

Use your phone’s brightness settings to increase the intensity of the light.

Change the flashlight effects by selecting from the many effects, including:
- One color night light
- Two color alternating flash
- Strobe Light
- Beating Heart
- Spinning Spiral
- Scrolling Text
- Large Arrows
- Chasing Lights
- Creepy Skull
- Sparkling Stars
- Many more!

* Disclaimer: Lights can cause epileptic seizures in some people with history of epilepsy. Do not point at the face of others.

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Sew Awesome

Sew Awesome: Sewing Tracker helps you track all of your sewing essentials. Sew Awesome is divided into three main categories:


Track your sewing essentials like:

- fabrics

- sewing machines

- sewing machine feet

- thread

- sewing patterns

- friends (people's measurements)

For each of the categories above, Sew Awesome allows you to store a picture of each item, along with detailed information for each category. For example, the fabrics section allows you to store a picture, along with the name, status, width, yardage, contents, type, stretch, cafe info, brand, item number, and any other notes you'd like to keep.


Handy sewing tools like:

- inches-to-yards converter

- thread converter to convert between weight, denier, and tex

- ruler

- flashlight


The sewing reference section contains pages for:

- General sewing terminology

- Sewing machine diagrams

- Sewing machine needle diagrams and types

- Sewing machine needle size conversions

Sew Awesome allows you to capture images either from your gallery or directly from your camera. Track all of your sewing projects in one easy place!

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Color Light

Color Light is a simple app that changes the color of your device’s screen to any color that you can imagine. Touch the screen to select your favorite color and turn your device into a reading light, book light, night light, mood light and more!

Color Light is perfect when you’re stuck in the dark without a flashlight, or when you’re in a dark place trying to get a friend’s attention. Use it when you’re walking down the street alone or dancing in a club!

Use your phone’s brightness settings to increase the intensity of Color Light.

Color Light does NOT turn on your phone’s LED flashlight, it only changes the color of your devices screen.

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Sleep Tight Night Light

Sleep Tight Night Light has many features to help you sleep at night. In addition to a night light that allows you to choose any color that you can imagine, Sleep Tight Night Light has a white noise sound machine, digital and analog clocks, an alarm clock, and it displays the current weather and the weather forecast in three hour increments – perfect to help you start your day off right.

Here are more details about the features of Sleep Tight Night Light:


Turn the white noise sound machine on and off using the Sound Icon (Row 1 on Left). You can choose several ambient noise sounds including Pure White Noise, Rain, Thunderstorm, Waves, and a Slow Heartbeat. Each sound has been carefully looped for perfect gapless playback. The white noise sounds will continue to play when you turn on the night light, or if you turn off your screen. The sounds will stop when you turn off the Sound Icon or close out of the app. The slider bar allows you to control the white noise volume relative to the alarm volume.


Turn the alarm clock on or off using the Alarm Clock Icon (Row 2 on Left). Touch the time to choose the alarm time. The small play button allows you to preview the alarm sounds, which include your phones default alarm, a Spanish Guitar tune, or a beautiful Piano Lullaby. Be sure that the app’s volume is not on mute. The alarm will sound and turn on the night light even if you close the app or your phone is off.


Turn the night light on by pressing the Night Light Icon (Row 3 on Left). Change or set your night light color by touching the large colored rectangle. You can literally choose from any available color – red, orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo, or violet, and everything in between. The brightness of the night light can be set using your phones brightness settings.

The night light will quickly drain your battery if not plugged in. The night light’s sleep timer is off by default. Set the sleep timer to 15, 30, or 60 minutes to turn off your screen after the specified time. The sleep timer does not affect the white noise sound machine or alarm clock, so both will continue to function as expected.

There are two separate options for clocks – both analog and digital. Turning one or both of those clocks on will display a clock on the night light screen. Touch the night light or press the back button to turn off the night light and return to the main screen.


Want to know what to wear in the morning? When your alarm goes off or you return to the main screen, the weather will update with the current weather and temperature. Scroll to the right to see the weather forecast in three-hour increments for the next five days. Click on the Weather Icon (Row 4 on Left) to see the weather in full screen view, which displays your current city, a description of the current weather, the High and Low temperatures, the humidity, and the forecast in three-hour increments for the next five days. Thanks to for making this service available.


- Add the crickets chirping white noise sound.

- Add five alarm sounds: violin, cello, flute, electric classical, and flute.

- Adds the ability to rotate between random night light colors.

- Removes all advertisements from the app.

Sleep Tight Night Light is the perfect nightlight, alarm clock, white noise sound machine, and weather forecast app to help you sleep right and get your day off to a perfect start.

For more information, please visit:

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White Noise Night Light

White Noise Night Light contains a white noise machine and night light to help you sleep at night. White Noise Night Light has multiple white noise sounds that help you fall asleep quickly and the night light gives you the perfect amount of light to add a little safety and comfort to your room. Here are the features of White Noise Night Light:


The white noise machine generates six continuous loop, high quality, soothing white noise sounds, including:

- White Noise

- Raindrops

- Thunderstorm

- Waves Crashing

- Heartbeat

- Crickets Chirping

The white noise machine comes with a sleep timer that allows you to turn off the white noise machine independent of the night light. The sound will continue to play even if you shut off your screen.


Turn your phone screen into any imaginable color with the night light. Night light options include the ability to rotate between various colors and also to include a digital clock on the night light screen. The night light’s sleep timer allows you to turn the night light on and off independent of the white noise machine.

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Rain Machine

Rain Machine and Night Light is the perfect app to help you sleep at night. The Rain Machine is a basic sound machine with five different intensities of rain and thunder sounds. The nightlight can turn your phone into any color of your choosing, which is perfect for adding a little safety or security to your room at night.

The sound machine is very high quality with a continuous and gap free loop. Unlike most of the other Android sound machines, this app requires very little memory (under 5 MB!) because the sounds loop properly instead of playing one extremely long file. The sound machine has five basic settings:

-Light Rain,

-Medium Rain,

-Heavy Rain,

-Light Rolling Thunderstorm, and

-Heavy Thunderstorm.

The nightlight can transform your phone into literally any imaginable color. The brightness can be controlled using your phones normal brightness. If you are leaving this on all night, please plug your phone or the nightlight will wear out the battery.

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Newborn Baby Timer

Newborn Baby Timer, Tracker, and Log (Newborn Baby Timer) is an easy-to-use timer, tracker, and log that lets you know how long it has been since your baby has performed certain activities, such as breastfeeding, sleeping, dirtying a diaper, taking medicine, and taking a bath. It was created for new breastfeeding moms and is most helpful for the first few weeks or months in the hospital or at home with your new baby.

Newborn Baby Timer allows new moms to set separate timers and alarms for each activity (breastfeeding, diaper changes, etc). These alarms will help you remember when you need to wake your new baby boy or girl for another round of breastfeeding or another dose of medicine.

Newborn Baby Timer has a logging feature to help you track activities over time. Newborn Baby Timer has a lot of great features that make it more than a simple baby care device, such as:

*Gentle Alarm Sounds

*Sound Machine

*Breastfeeding Side Indicator

*Night Light



Here are more details about the features:

GENTLE ALARM SOUNDS: Since alarms can scare babies, Newborn Baby Timer’s alarms are configured to gently alert mom or dad that it is time to breastfeed, change a diaper, etc. Newborn Baby Timer has four alarm songs ranging from a lullaby to gentle piano music to a classical techno beat that will gently wake you up in the middle of the night to remind you that it's time to breastfeed, change a diaper, etc.

SOUND MACHINE: The Sound Machine generates several types of white noise that will help calm a new baby. The white noise generator includes plain white noise, thunder storm, rain, and waves crashing.

LED FLASHLIGHT: The LED Flashlight feature that turns the camera on your phone into an LED Flashlight. The flashlight is very helpful for finding items in the dark, such as a pacifier under the crib.

BREASTFEEDING SIDE INDICATOR: The Breastfeeding Side Indicator allows you to track the last breast you used to feed your baby.

PICK-A-COLOR NIGHTLIGHT: Transform your baby nursery or bedside into a softly lit oasis.

--Add on Features:--

BATH TIMER: Track baths!

SYNC WITH OTHER DEVICES: Another caregiver can pick up where you left off by sending an email to launch the app.

INCREASE LOGGING TIMELINE: Increase the amount of records displayed on the view log screen.

REMOVE ADS: Makes a more enjoyable experience by increasing screen real estate.

ADDITIONAL SOUNDS: Crickets Chirping and Heartbeat sounds.

This app is a "must have" for breastfeeding moms of newborns. If you are pregnant, download the app now and play with it before for you head to the hospital. It will surely help you keep track of things for the first few weeks!

Check out the Newborn Baby Timer, Tracker, and Log instructional video on YouTube (link within the app).

DISCLAIMER: By using this app, users agree that the publisher is not responsible for any app malfunctions. If you are using this app to track time extremely important medicine doses, please also use a back-up timer, stopwatch, and/or clock.

---Thank you to all of the users who have provided feedback---

"Everything in one place Great app for organizing and keeping track of your babies ins and outs. I found its helps me learn his pattern and schedule. Plus its great to see how much more sleep we are both getting a night."

"Super convenient! Five stars...very useful. This has the same functionality as the ItzBeen and other gadgets (plus the sound generator) without the inconvenience of having to tote around yet another gadget."

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Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand is a classic game where you purchase ingredients, set the recipe and price, and sell lemonade to try to make a profit. Lemonade Stand allows you to control every aspect of your lemonade business. If you can increase customer satisfaction, more and more customers will come to your lemonade stand.

Each of your days in a 30-day game of Lemonade Stand will follow this pattern:

* Purchase supplies.

* Set the price per cup of lemonade.

* Set the lemonade recipe.

* Use Star Power to advertise your lemonade business.

* Simulate the day to see how you did.

Lemons, Sugar, and Ice can spoil at different rates, so purchase only as much as you think you'll need, but don't run out or your customer satisfaction will plummet.

Lemonade is made by the pitcher, so you'll set your recipe accordingly. Make sure you try different recipes to perfect the lemonade taste for your customers!

Be sure to check the weather forecast for each day, as weather affects the number of customers you'll likely have. Rent an umbrella with star power to mitigate against the affects of rain! And don't serve ice-cold lemonade on a cold day.

This game is integrated with Google Play Game Services to allow you to compare your high scores with others, and also to track your achievements.